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Who is Using the Bands

Professional Teams:

Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Atlanta United FC
Chicago Cubs
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Royals
Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Galaxy
Milwaukee Brewers
New York Jets
New York Knicks
Pittsburgh Steelers
Seattle XFL
Utah Jazz


Olympic Teams:

USA Volleyball
USA Weightlifting
USA Ski Team
USA Bobsled & Skeleton
USA Ski & Snowboard
USA Nordic Team
USA Track & Field


Athletic Programs

Kabuki Strength


Athletes / Celebrities
Mark Wahlberg
Nick Cannon
Simon Dumont
Chris Duffin
Dr. Mercola
Dr. Oz
Ben Pollack
Whitney Wiser
Abdul Karim al-Jabbar


Misc Professional

Air Force Academy



Stanford University Athletics
U of Alabama Kinesiology Dep’t
Wake Forest Athletics
Harding University Tennis


High Schools:

Concordia Lutheran Cross Country (Houston, TX)
Union High School Athletics (Union, OK)


Health Coaches - Podcasts

Lillian McDermott (WhenYouNeedAFriend.com)
Dr. Grace Hameister (Uncommon Medicine Podcast)
Simon Dumont (Ascension Podcast)


Medical Clinics, MD, DO

Mayo Clinic
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma (Tulsa, OK)
Orthopedic Institute of Dayton (Dayton, OH)
Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio (Centerville, OH)
Dr. Chris Freeman (Tyler, TX)
Dr. David Bright (Tyler, TX)
Dr. David Fletcher (Tyler, TX)
Dr. Kerry Jepsen (Preston, ID)
1st Choice Sports Rehab Center (Decatur, GA)
Dr. Henry Martin Jr., M.D. (Lexington, SC)
Orange County Medical Aesthetics (Orange County, CA)


Chiropractors, Dentists, Naturopaths

Dr. Greg Adams (Wakarusa, IN)
Dr. Steve Jennings (Rensselaer IN)
Dr. John Zrelak (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Evan Mladenoff Clinic (Kansas City, KS)
Dr. Kristin Kidgell Chiropractic and Wellness (St. Petersburg, FL)
Primary Care Chiropractic (Highlands Ranch, CO)
Affordable Chiropractic (Green Bay, WI)
Dr. Dennis Brickner (Springboro, OH)
Dr. Joe Grice (Pittsburgh, PA)
Family Chiropractic (Janesville, WI)
Dr. Doug Jennings (Logansport, IN)
Dr. Susan Cosgrove (Hornell, NY)
Dr. Elaine Bigler (Goshen, IN)
Dr. Kevin Hancock (Granger, IN)
Parker Wellness Center (Denver, CO)
Core Mountain Chiropractic (Lakewood, CO)
Joseph Day Chiropractic (Reno, NV)
Staten Island Wellness Care (Staten Island, NY)
Dr. Scott Fellows (Preston, ID)
Alliance Health Partners (Colorado Springs, CO)
Neuro Athlete (Monument, CO)
Advanced Care Chiropractic (Holly, MI)
Dr. Matthew Grant (Solon, OH)
Dr. Samuel Sparlin (Atlanta, GA)
Dr. Jim Claussen (Naperville, IL)
Dr. Tracy Sands (Pompano Beach, FL)
Dr. Jay Marienthal (Deerfiled Beach, FL)
Dr. Ken Gilbertson (Bridgeton, MO)
Dr. John Bandy (Austin, TX)
Dr. Howard Cohn (Costa Mesa, CA)
Dr. Alease Pennette (Santa Rosa, CA)
The Wellness Center (Johnson City, TN)
Dr. Diana Mladenoff (Phoenix, AZ)
Dr. Chris Freeman (Tyler, TX)
Dr. David Bright (Tyler, TX)
Dr. A True Ott (Pleasant View, UT)
Dr. Patrick Gorman (Lima, OH)
Dr. Dan Dewar (Portage, IN)
Dr. Alfred Vazquez (League City, TX)
Dr. Susie Warden (Wheaton, IL)
Dr. Thomas Hewko (Santa Ana, CA)
Dr. Jordan Mousley (West Jordan, UT)
Dr. Stephen West (Orem, UT)


Rehab & Therapy Centers, PT, ATC:

The Wellness Center, Ballad Health (Johnson City, TN)
Amy Mooney, Ballad Health (Johnson City, TN)
Innovate AT (Albuquerque, NM)
Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma (Tulsa, OK)
Gateway Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab – (Providence, UT)
Handstand Health & Sports Medicine (Draper, UT)
Gateway Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab – (Providence, UT)
James Kish, PT (Brick, NJ)
1rst Choice Sports Rehab Center (Decatur, GA)
Richard Scott Corso, PT (ME/NH)
Chris McGlaughlin, DPT (Dayton, OH)
Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy (Signal Hill, CA)
Richard Bertie ATC (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dr. Laura Elliott, DPT (Eagle River, AK)
Amin Valij, DPT (Carlsbad, CA)
John Hawes – Rehab Practice Management (Brentwood, TN)




Fitness, Performance & Sports Training:

Groll Family Fitness (Preston, ID)
Norton Performance Training (Highland, UT)
Tulsa Fitness Systems (Tulsa, OK)
Club V Volleyball (Salt Lake City)
Higher Level Athletic Fitness (Centerville, OH)
True Health Wellness Center (Logan UT)
Gold’s Gym (Pocatello, ID)
Neuro Athlete (Monument, CO)
PXP Performance (Carmel, IN)
Kivett Kinetic Solutions (Monrovia, IN)
Dr. Steven Moe (Eden Prairie, MN)
Earthen vessels (Lexington, SC)
National Veterans Training foundation (Camby, IN)
Mindful Coaching, Michael Christie (Monroe, CT)
Ryan Gavlick Fitness (Los Angeles, CA)
Easton Gym of Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
American Iron Gym (Reno, NV)
Performance EDU, Kurt Hansen (Reno. NV)
Flip Zone Gymnastics (Avon, IN)
Performance Pilates (Pocatello, ID)
Camp Jansen (GA)
Amata Sports (Centennial, CO)
Okie Cross Fit (Tulsa, OK)
Balance - Guy Greene (Cape Girardeau, MO)
T3 Athletics (Vancouver, Canada)
Fit Work (Boston, MA)
Training with Karim (Potomac, MD)
StarCare (Largo, FL)
Athleticism (Newport Beach, CA)
Anessa Almendariz (Smithfield, UT)
TJ McNiff - The FIRM (Minneapolis, MN)
Methodist Sports Medicine (Indianapolis, IN)
Studio J Pilates (Logan, UT) 
Zoltz Fitness (Lindon, UT)


Spa, Massage, Health Companies, Specialty Clinics:

BrainTap, Dr. Patrick Porter (NC)
US Enzymes (Victoria, MN)
Integrative Health Systems, Dr. Francisco Cidral (Orlando, FL)
Designed for Thriving, Bioenergtic Clinic and Medical Spa (Two Harbors, MN)
Serenity Health & Wellness (Rensselaer IN)
TW Massage Therapy (South Bend, IN)
Fleming Creative Concepts (Hawaii)
Dr. Glenn Hausenfluke, Naturopath (Reno, NV)
Infinity Health, Tim Kuss (Centennial, CO)
Revelation Health (Park City, UT)
Athletic Advantage (Wood Village, OR)
America’s #1 Health Coach (Calabasas, CA)
Executive Health (Tyler, TX)
Park City Sports Science (Park City, UT)
Chris Hendren Training (Colorado Springs, CO)
Moving Younger Institute (Hillsboro, FL)
National Veterans Training Foundation (Camby, IN)
Dr. Russ Newman, Holistic Doctor (Mena, AR)
Dr. Kim Christensen (Preston, ID)